Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playboy Women's Fragrances Launching

Playboy launching fragrances for women with new variants, PLAY IT LOVELY, PLAY IT SEXY and PLAY IT SPICY. Ladies will be more confidence with the experience of the fantasy and desirability of the new Playboy Fragrances for women.

Each of the three variants has it own personality. If we use fabric to connote the personality which are:-

Play It Lovely ~ Soft, Sweet, Feminine like soft pink satin
Play It Sexy ~ Daring and Flirtatious, best represented by delicate lace effect pattern that hints at sexy lingerie
Play It Spicy ~ Hot and Naughty, best represented by black leather

Here go the 3 new variants PLAY IT LOVELY, PLAY IT SEXY and PLAY IT SPICY. I personally has tried and I prefer PLAY IT SEXY.. SEXY most.

This is an invitation by Nuffnang to attend the new launching of Playboy Women's Fragrances at MidValley Megamall, centre court on 23 April 2011. Playboy has organized a contest among the bloggers whereby we have to dress up to below any of the 6Ps our choice to represent ourself.

* Prefect dress
* Precious stone
* Pent stone
* Pent house
* Platinum card
* Posh Car
* Playboy Fragrances for Women

The Playboy fragrances packed in a lovely pink color box were sell in a set of 3 new variants in the event at RM 129.00. Buy 1 set you can try all variants ^^

Met the bunny Melissa Newton and Sher Degarmo, both of you were so lovely and friendly.

Another photo with two lovely bunny blogger :)

Maserati Granturismo S 09 was displayed on the event & we have the opportunity to take photo with the sport car. I felt like a star of car model posing in the public with camera and flashes everywhere.

This is the stage where the contest held. Contestant need to catwalk first then picked a question to answer, later need to canvass vote from the public as the winner will be based 50% from internal judges and 50% from the public. At first I felt shy to canvass vote from public but later I found it fun.

Only one winner selected and the winner is standing in the middle, posing with Burberry sling bag worth RM2000++ and as a token of appreciation all bloggers were given Playboy Fragrance for Women and Playboy premiums. It's a full sized of Playboy EDT, Spray Vaporisateur PLAY IT SEXY, Parfum deodorant of PLAY IT SPICY and PLAY IT LOVELY. Yeah ... now I got the full set of 3 new variants, will try and review it later.

Most of my photo are from Dustyhawk as my camera is out of batteries :( Thanks to Nuffnag for the invitation, Playboy for the wonderful contest and generous gift

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