Sunday, November 6, 2011

Aladdin The Musical @ Sunway Lagoon

The magical land of Askabar is coming to Sunway Lagoon. Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, The Sultan, Jafar, Slave of the ring and of course The Genie of the Lamp himself will be played by talents who hail from London's famous West End.

Aladdin The Musical tells the favourite tale of a boy's magical adventure from street rat to Prince, when he is discovered to be ‘a diamond in the rough’ by Jafar, the evil aide to the bubbly and lovable Sultan. With the help of a magic lamp and a jovial ‘rapping’ Genie, Aladdin wrestles against the odds to win the heart of Princess Jasmine while he ingeniously uses good to triumph over evil.

This extravagant West End production at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon will add a modern, musical twist to its stage play. Integrating contemporary pop music with the classic storyline, Aladdin The Musical is a production that all walks of life will enjoy. An international ensemble cast of dancers, fire eaters and stilt-walkers will be joining too.

Aladdin The Musical will be playing at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon from 25 November 2011 untill 2 January 2012.

For more information on Sunway Lagoon, call 603 5639 000

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